PATILITE agriculture greenhouse

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Solar Agricultural Greenhouses
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Film, EVA/C
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Diffuse light and climatic control
Advanced thermic diffusing light film using tiny gas cells. Patented.

Advanced thermic diffusing light film. The original and patented production process features a  special structure, creating gas filled tiny cells within the thickness.
The combination of an EVA copolymer as base material allows extraordinary results in the greenhouse climatic control.
PATILITE's total light transmission is very high but at the same time it acts as a barrier to the short IR, i.e. the heating of sun rays, and even more to the long IR, i.e. the radiation emitted by soil and plants.

The main advantages

High light diffusion, combined with an excellent total light transmission (direct light+diffused) in the PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation, which is effective for the photosynthesis, i.e. 400-700 nm) necessary for the plants growth.

High thermal effect (absorption between 7 and 13 ¼m)

Reduction of heating by solar radiation, maintaining an agreeable working environment inside the greenhouse and avoiding or delaying the shading operations

Water saving (verified reduction of  30-40% in hydroponics system)

Longer durability compared to a standard film of the same class of duration.

PATILITE films are supplied with anti-drip additives (AG) as standard; the additive migrating from the inside of the film reduces the surface tension of condensed water vapour, thus avoiding fogging and droplets.