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Solar Agricultural Greenhouses
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The selective light transmission

CLARIX BLUE is a photoselective clear film that P.A.T.I. has studied and realized to fulfil some advanced needs of the greenhouse growing technology.

The specific photoselective filter is effective in equilibrating the plant growth, developing more compact plants, i.e. more resistant to transplant stress (in case of nursery crops), favoring the fruits ripening process instead of the vegetative production.

The main advantages

Unrivalled light transparency, particularly in the PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation, which is effective for the photosynthesis, i.e. 400-700 nm) necessary for the plants growth.

Reduction of the solar heat transmitted, reducing the shading operations.

Color and flavor intensity of fruits.

No interference with the pollinators activity.

Preservation of excellent transparency and mechanical properties during the film life span..

CLARIX-BLUE films are supplied with anti-drip additives (AG) as standard; the additive migrating from the inside of the film reduces the surface tension of condensed water vapour, thus avoiding fogging and droplets.